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Onze speerpunten richten zich op de Industrie en Oil & Gas voor projecten binnen de olie- en gas winning, distributie en opslagindustrie, chemische en petrochemische industrie

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Dinel Infra

Dinel Infra provides high quality and professional (project) advice and focuses on providing services in the field of infrastructure. Projects on which Dinel Infra gives advice are: tunnel technical systems, traffic control systems, public lighting installations, bridges, locks and pumping stations, rails, building-related installations, civil engineering (soil, road and water), underground infrastructure and civil engineering. In addition, it advises on projects related to power, telecom, fiber and Cai.


Your advantage:
– Experienced professionals.
– Instantly deployable necessary knowledge.
– Flexibility for large and small projects.


Dinel Engineering

Dinel Engineering focuses on providing advice and services in the field of management, engineering and construction contracts. The projects are both nationally and internationally orientated, across a broad spectrum of technological industries. Dinel Engineering focuses mainly on the Oil & Gas, chemical/petrochemical, energy and food & pharmaceutical industry. We perform projects related to oil and gas extraction, distribution and storage, machine building, manufacturing, and installations. Our technical professionals are trained at MBO, HBO or university level.


Dinel Engineering has expertise in projects within the below mentioned disciplines:

– Instrumentation (& Process Control);
– Electrical;
– Piping;
– Mechanical;
– Process;
– Civil & Structural and Project Support.

Dinel Automation

Dinel Automation focuses on providing advice and services in the field of industrial automation with a focus on MES / ERP, SCADA, PLC and DCS projects. Dinel Automation helps you by taking care of your automation issues. In a simple way you identify what you want and Dinel Automation takes care of the entire systems engineering process: establish customer requirements, specification, basic design, detail design, implementation and integration of systems and application software. Follow up: training and documentation.


Your advantage:
– Brand independent automation solutions.
– Unburden you with your automation process .
– Limited risks and responsibilities.
Our know-how we has been built up during many years of experience on projects with renowned companies, well-known engineering companies and system suppliers.


Specialty of Dinel Automation:
– Engineering (EMRA)
– Consultancy / project management,
– System configuration,
– Software implementation,
– Commissioning,
– Follow up (training/ documentation)
– Computerization Technology.


Dinel Automation has expertise in projects in the following sectors:
– Energy,
– Utilities (water collection, purification and distribution)
– Oil & gas, petrochemicals (chemicals), food & pharmacy,
– Container terminals,
– Incineration and processing,
– Infrastructure,
– Engineering.

technical professionals know how